Global Birth Rate Declines in 2022: Implications and Causes
In a trend that has raised eyebrows worldwide, the global birth rate witnessed a significant decline throughout the year 2022. This unexpected decrease has sparked discussions among demographers, policymakers, and economists about its potential long-term implications and the underlying factors driving this trend.
A Growing Trend Among American Parents in 2023

In recent years, a trend has been sweeping across the parenting landscape in the United States: baby-wearing. It's a practice that involves carrying infants and toddlers in a sling or carrier strapped to the body, allowing parents to keep their little ones close while still going about their daily activities. The year 2023 witnessed a significant surge in the adoption of this practice, with more parents than ever before embracing the benefits of baby-wearing.


Modern Eternity maternity coat was featured on
With most pregnancies lasting about nine months (or more!), there’s a good chance there will be winter months when you’ll need warm outerwear that fits your expanding bump. Thankfully, the best maternity coats are designed to accommodate your changing dimensions while also providing functional features to protect you from the elements and transition into your fourth trimester.
The Great Debate: Home Births vs. Hospital Births in the United States
Bringing a new life into the world is a monumental moment, and the choices surrounding childbirth have evolved over the years. One of the ongoing discussions in the United States revolves around the choice between home births and hospital births. Both options have their merits, and individuals often make decisions based on personal preferences, beliefs, and health considerations
Baby Carriers are Dangerous: The Shocking Truth You Need to Know
Baby carriers can be a wonderful way to bond with your baby and make your life easier. But they can also be dangerous if you are not aware of the risks and how to prevent them. By following the tips in “Are Baby Carriers Safe for Newborns?”, you can enjoy the benefits of baby-wearing without compromising your baby’s safety.
Are baby carriers safe for newborns?
Some examples of safe baby carriers for newborns are wrap carriers, ring slings, and soft structured carriers that don’t need infant inserts. These carriers let you position your baby inward facing, close to your chest, with their chin off their chest, knees higher than their bottom, and feet rotated to the outside.
Maternity Coat Extender: Steer Clear

You might be tempted to buy a maternity coat extender, a device that attaches to your regular coat and expands it to fit your growing belly. But before you spend your hard-earned money, you should know the truth: maternity coat extenders are a waste of time and money. Here’s why.

Best Gifts for Pregnant Wife in 2023
Pregnancy is a wonderful and challenging time for any woman. Your pregnant wife is doing a great job carrying your precious baby. She needs some love and pampering from you. If you are looking for some ideas on how to surprise her with a thoughtful and useful gift, we have some suggestions. Here are some of the best gifts for your pregnant wife in 2023 that will make her feel special.
How to Make Your Pregnant Wife Chill Out

Although you love your wife, you cannot tolerate her mood changes because she constantly loses her temper with you, cries over insignificant things, or complains about everything. Despite your best efforts, nothing seems to help. You feel like you're walking on eggshells around her, and you're afraid she might hate you already.

Baby Shower Gifts That Will Make Your Friend Feel Sexy Again
If you have a friend who is expecting soon, you might be wondering what to get her for her baby shower. You want to show your support and love, but you also want to make her feel good about herself. After all, pregnancy can take a toll on a woman’s body and self-esteem.
Baby Carriers are Dangerous: The Shocking Truth You Need to Know
You may think that baby carriers are a convenient and cozy way to carry your little one around. But did you know that baby carriers can also cause serious harm to your baby’s health and safety? We will expose the shocking truth about baby carriers and how they can injure or even kill your baby in ways you never imagined.
The Maternity Clothes You Need (and the Ones You Don’t)

The news of your pregnancy is bound to make you squeal with excitement and joy. But as soon as you've celebrated the big good news, the next thoughts to crowd your mind will be, "What will I wear? Is my current wardrobe enough to keep my fashion goals on point throughout maternity? Will I outgrow all the fabulous outfits I have right now?

Don’t Compromise Style for Breastfeeding - Top Styling Tips for Nursing Moms

Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey; mommies can make it even better with our styling tips. During the natural phenomenon that a new mother has to go through, nothing can be better than having clothing choices that contribute to healthy breastfeeding.

Beating Postpartum Blues with Nursing Fashion - Here’s How
As a new mom, even if it's the second or third child, postpartum depression is genuine. It goes way beyond merely struggling with wardrobe decisions and not finding any satisfactory outfit. 
Maternity and Nursing Styling Tips Mommies could Do with- From the Style Guru’s Diaries
Once you deliver successfully, surely among the first thoughts, you will want to return to your old-fashionable clothes. But often, when the journey of breastfeeding begins, mommies find that their previous wardrobe offerings are not very compatible with nursing...
Top Trending Fashionable Colors in Nursing and Maternity
  Why should women let maternity and nursing stop them from delivering fashion goals? Besides, maternity and nursing are undoubtedly one of the most poignant and profound phases of a woman's life. Hence, you deserve to, and you should look...
Babywearing: All you need to know
The truth is babywearing can give you an enriched experience as you navigate with your baby in tow. These techniques have been in place for thousands of years, and once you're with a suitable carrier, the entire experience becomes pretty fun and easy.
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What to Put In your Hospital Bag?
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