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Stay warm and toasty for two throughout pregnancy and postpartum.

With most pregnancies lasting about nine months (or more!), there’s a good chance there will be winter months when you’ll need warm outerwear that fits your expanding bump. Thankfully, the best maternity coats are designed to accommodate your changing dimensions while also providing functional features to protect you from the elements and transition into your fourth trimester.

Your first step is to consider whether you’ll be babywearing postpartum. If you are, then you can opt for a coat designed to accommodate a new little rider in a carrier or sling. This is typically achieved with a removable panel that also makes the coat more comfortable during your third trimester when your belly is at its largest. Other expanding options include adjustable side seam panels, belts, or interior cords at the waist. And, of course, you can also choose to buy a non-maternity coat that’s just a little larger than your typical size—though often this means it won’t be as flattering or versatile as one you can adjust.


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