About Us



Modern Eternity is a worldwide clothing brand with a desire to create modern and comfortable wardrobe essentials for expecting and new moms.




With a focus on our patented 3-in-1 maternity coat technology, and as the largest designer of maternity outerwear in the world, we consistently look for excellence in quality, design, and workmanship to reliably provide a premium product. All outerwear is designed in Canada, for Canadian winters !




Simply, healthy moms make healthy babies.  Pregnancy can be a time that is associated with considerable physical and mental changes which may promote unhealthy and bad habits.  Doctors recommend regular exercise and social activity before, during and after pregnancy to elevate mood and reduce risks of complications. Modern Eternity is committed to supporting physical and mental fitness among young mothers and enhancing psychological and physical well-being.  Our patented 3 in 1 outerwear maternity panel technology, as well as our nursing yoga & activewear lines, provide both economically feasible and practical answers to questions of “ WHAT to Wear ???” in times when it's a battle to even get out of bed in the morning.




We have a mission to bring our unique elegance and style to enhance the beauty and freedom of movement of all women who enter this period of their lives. From birth, we are never farther than a few inches from fabrics and clothing.  Clothing and style provide us a method of communication and liberation which directly expresses and celebrates who we are and how we feel. We believe Motherhood is a time to be fully integrated and respectfully welcomed into daily society and never be limiting to an individual




Our core offerings consist of winter maternity coats and lightweight maternity jackets. We also offer maternity and nursing tops, yoga & activewear,  leggings and joggers to complete our line of modern maternity clothing.


In particular all of Modern Eternity’s maternity outerwear incorporate our patented 3-in-1 maternity extender panel technology for prenatal and postnatal wear.


BABY IN  : Maternity extender panel expands with your growing belly ensuring you get outdoors, to work, and remain socially active during the PreNatal trimestre.


BABY OUT : Unique function of our PATENTED maternity panel for babywearing & baby carrying once PostNatal,  and works with your favourite baby carrier, sling, wrap, as well as being nursing friendly


BABY FREE :  This garment converts back to a stylish coat for regular wear. Once the panel is removed, no one will be able to guess that it was ever a maternity coat.