Frequently Asked Questions

“What size should I buy?“

Designed and conceived in Canada by Modern Eternity | Furi Design Inc. we have fitted using the medium specifications for North American women which is the same standard of off the rack sizes of major brands and dept stores.  (please see the “Size Guide” section). Generally, the 3 in 1 maternity coats and jackets as well as maternity jeans should be bought in your pre-pregnancy size.  Many women will make the mistake of buying maternity clothes sizes that are too large, or buying men’s clothes or plus-size clothing. Avoid this because you’ll end up with maternity clothes that are too loose and baggy and don’t have “give” in the right places. Our patented 3 in 1 maternity panel will accommodate even the most generous baby weight gain in the belly area.  However, all women’s body types are different, especially when it comes to pregnancy weight gain in other areas of the body.  Please consider this upon choosing the right size for you during your pregnancy.

“What temperature are these coats and jackets rated for?”

Depends:   wind, humidity, activity level, what else you’re wearing, and body type can all affect this.  Your choice should look at (1) type of filling down vs synthetic, and (2) design.

Please ask yourself the following question,

Are you often outdoors in a cold city urban center shopping sidewalk sales and cafe lattes each weekend ?   Perhaps you want something warmer with a “Down” filled 3 in 1 Maternity Parkas, it is our heaviest and warmest maternity coat and would be comfortable until -30 Celsius ratings.  The 3 in 1 “Polyfill” maternity coats are also quite warm with -15 celsius temprature.

Are you racing between Costco, daycare, and yoga class in the suburbs ? Often in your vehicle and carrying shopping bags, perhaps less insulation and less heavy characteristics are more important to you.  The 3 in 1 “PolyFill” maternity coats are also the voted favorite of our suburban Moms.  However for even more comfort, the extra lightweight and breathable “Down” maternity jackets are extremely versatile, comfortable, and very practical.

Do you live by coastal mild ocean breezes and/or a spring/fall fashionista ? The lightweight weight maternity collections are the most popular among these clients. Our “waterproof” maternity raincoats are very unique to maternity fashion.  

“ Down vs Synthetic “

Down: To begin, down is completely natural. We can find it underneath duck and goose wings. It’s one of the best insulator that you can find on the market: no man-made insulation can match down’s superior and natural weight to warmth ratio. Its ability to expand and compress is probably one of its best features, making it very light and easy to carry as well as very very breathable. The cost is noticeably higher than synthetic – however, if treated with care, a good down jacket can last a lifetime, a great investment for a maternity jacket. On the negative side: once it’s wet, it loses this capacity. For rainy and humid conditions, it might not be the most reliable option.

Synthetic / polyfill:   In a way, synthetic is like the man-made imitation of down insulation. Even if its capacities aren’t as efficient as down insulation, it still has very interesting features. The most important is that it is less expensive. It also would be that it will keep you warm even if it’s wet or humid. The simple explanation: the moisture gets trapped between the fibers, rather than in them, making it much easier to dry. On a more negative note, synthetic material is heavier than down, and you will not be able to compress it as much. It’ll be more puffy and less of a slim look and feel.

“ Are the Outerwear products water-resistant or waterproof? ”

All our Maternity coats and Maternity jackets are treated with a water resistant coating applied to the exterior of the shell fabric and provide some protection to water penetration.  The coating accomplishes this by causing water to bead up and roll off the garment’s exterior preventing water saturation, however this will not protect against prolonged or heavy rainfall.  Longer term, the applied water resistance coatings applied to our garments may wear off due to abrasion, grime and laundering, however an off-the-shelf spray on treatment may be reapplied to retain optimal performance. Washing the garment with harsh detergents usually accelerates water resistance loss, in addition, soaps often leave a residue which attracts water and dirt.

Some of our styles are clearly more shiny, and these may posses a Waxed cotton and/or Polyurethane coating or laminate which will resist water and keep you dry in rain showers, if anything only a small amount of water may get through. Technically we can not define it as 100% fully waterproof although is still often chosen for its water resistant capability and desirable aesthetics.

“Technically Waterproof or Water Repellent”

A fabric may be called two different things. Waterproof or water repellent. Waterproof means that no water can pass through the fabric, or if we’re talking about a constructed garment, then no water should be able to pass from the outside to the inside of the garment. For an item of clothing to be waterproof, it’s usually made from a fabric with some sort of coating such as polyurethane or silicone, or it may be a laminated material. For clothing to be waterproof, seams also must be taped to prevent water from being able to go through the holes in the stitching.

On the other hand, water repellent fabrics will repel the penetration of moisture, meaning they are water resistant but only to a degree. Water easily runs off the fabric surface, yet some water would pass through the fabric under prolonged rainfall or when more pressure is applied such as pressing on the fabric, sitting or kneeling or as already mentioned, water can go through the stitching areas.

“Do you sell the maternity coat extension panel by itself?”

Maternity coat extenders have made news recently because of popular television showcasing this product. Most notably seen on “Dragons Den” (an investment TV program).  The maternity coat extender does NOT work with every coat and is NOT a good maternity clothes investment.  Why not?  

  1. The maternity extension ZIPPERS must be custom ordered to your specific coat.  Every zipper is specific in Size/Colour/teeth specification.  Trying to order this online by yourself or at a store is a time consuming effort at great costs, including couriers being sent back and forth from the manufacturer trying to match your old coat. Even when successful, the size, colour, and style of both zipper and maternity panel will not be a perfect match.
  2. Cost is prohibitively expensive for the maternity extension product and process with costs ranging from $90-$150 not including courier costs.  Our Modern Eternity 3 in 1 maternity coats and jackets start at $99 for our maternity raincoat or a maternity winter coat at $140.  With an in style new full maternity line each season, we provide an up to date fashionable selection to the most discerning maternity clothes shopper.
  3. You really want that new coat !