Maternity Size Guide


" What size should I buy ? "
Designed and conceived in Canada, we have fitted using the medium specifications for North American women which is the same standard of off the rack sizes of major brands and dept stores.

Generally, the 3 in 1 maternity coats and jackets as well as maternity jeans should be bought in your pre pregnancy size.  Many women will make the mistake of buying maternity clothes sizes that are too large, or buying men’s clothes or plus-size clothing.

Avoid this because you’ll end up with maternity clothes that are too loose and baggy and don’t have “give” in the right places. Our patented 3 in 1 maternity panel will accommodate even the most generous baby weight gain in the belly area.  However, all women’s body types are different, especially when it comes to pregnancy weight gain in other areas of the body.  Please consider this upon choosing the right size for you during your pregnancy.

Please note the measurements below are body measurements, not garment measurements.

“But my bust size is growing ! “

At the 2nd Trimester, or approximately 4-5 months into a pregnancy is when the bump really starts to grow and the need for maternity clothes becomes evident.  The maternity panel will accommodate your BUMP, no matter what size , we assure you !


Every woman’s body will change differently during pregnancy and this includes her bust size.  The Modern Eternity maternity panel will also add approx. 4 inches to the bust measurement to accommodate this change.  Of course, you will be losing this weight post natal and the Modern Eternity 3 in 1 maternity coat will accommodate you by removal of the maternity panel to wear as “baby out” with any baby carrier, and “baby free” as a regular coat

 maternity size guide




Maternity Outerwear Comparison Table

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Nursing Bra Size Chart:

 Maternity nursing bra size guide

Activewear Fabric Comparison Table

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