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Baby wearing is a great way to be close to your baby and it will help a lot with new mom and dad to bond with the baby. Yes Baby wearing dads are a thing right now, There are even baby wearing Grandmas out there!

babywearing in the early months helps to build relationships.

Babywearer dads claim to have experienced closeness with their babies once they started babywearing in the early weeks.

Being that close also allows baby to have more interaction with both mom and dad and adjust to their differences in the way they move or talk, which as shown in researches will help babies in some areas such as faster speech development.

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To get started you would want to try a few types of baby carriers or baby slings to find the right one for you. Apart from the carrier you will probably need clothing that are babywearing friendly.                                        This is where Modern Eternity's Collection of 3 in 1 Babywearing Coats and Jackets will come along, speclially if you leave in an area whith cols weather.                                    The 3 in 1 extender panel will support your carrier and will keep both you and your baby warm during the cold season.

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