What to Put In your Hospital Bag?

One of the most important days of your life is just around the corner. Your baby is arriving! Are you excited? We sure are! With the arrival of your baby come a million of responsibilities. But first, you must bring him or her into the world. That requires an extended visit to the hospital and must be exceptionally prepared! This day is unique, and special days need measures such as thinking "What am I going to put in the hospital bag." In this article, we want to offer you some tips on what to bring in the bag.


6 Essential Items for the Momma


  1.  ID Papers and Insurance Card: Always, always, always with you. That means put your ID papers inside your hospital bag because you can't be walking around undocumented! Especially not with a baby who's about to arrive.
  2. Hospital Record and Birth Plan: If you have a birth plan prepared, remember to put it in your bags. This paper facilitates the work of the nurses and your life. The same thing happens with hospital records because it helps doctors to remember if you have any condition.
  3. Comfy Clothes and Extra Underwear: Such as a nice bathrobe, slippers, a nightgown, and even socks. Choose clothes that are loose. Moreover, pick garments that you don’t mind getting dirty, and this rule applies to underwear too. Take extra underwear just for the labor process. Some hospital offers their disposable clothes but some mommas, including myself, don’t think this is comfortable at all. Additionally, get all the clothes you might want to wear after you leave the hospital.
  4. Comfortable Nursing Bras: Don’t forget you are going to breastfeed and your breast are going to feel tender from this new experience. Take your nursing bras with you; these products will make your life easier than eating pie.
  5. Pillow and Towel: We all have a pillow we adore! I know it, and you know it. That is the reason why I am telling you should put it in your hospital bag. When every other pillow fails, you will have your special one with you. Additionally, consider dressing it with a cover that is different from the typical white of hospital pillows.This rule also applies to towels; take your towel if you feel more comfortable with it.
  6. Toiletries: Every momma wants to look magnificent after delivery. I mean, we all want to receive our baby with the best face possible. And the photos, remember the photos! You should take every item you deem necessary for doing a quick fix after labor. Put items such as shampoo, soap, lotion, perfume, brush, and toothbrush in your hospital bag.


3 Items for the Baby


  1. Car Seat: This is important! It doesn’t matter if your partner is driving or if your parents are going to take you home because the car seat must be installed in the car. I know what you are saying "This doesn’t go inside the hospital bag." But trust me, if it would fit, I would probably put it there.
  2. Going Home Outfit: Your little piece of heaven can’t roam around naked during his or her first day in the work. Prepare a going home outfit that includes socks or booties. Furthermore, add a cap for protecting your baby’s head. Your baby’s outfit should have legs so that you can strap the seatbelt of the car seat better.
  3. Receiving Blanket: The hospital will provide a blanket for carrying your baby, but you might want to bring your blanket for taking your baby inside the car. If the weather is freezing, you should pack a heavy blanket.


Check Everything with Your Partner or Loved Ones!

 Make a list and recheck everything after finishing the bag. Try to wait until you buy everything, that way you won’t have to check it over and over again. Additionally, a family member can help you. We’re not perfect, and sometimes we might forget essential items.


When to Pack the Bag?

 Try to pack the bag during the eight-month because you might go into labor sooner than you expect it. Now, if you want to have the bag ready even before that then, by all means, do it! The sooner, the better.



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