What to eat when pregnant?

Eat To The Pregnant Beat

Food: a product which is essential to our survival. It is a subject which few people tire of talking and indulging in. When one becomes pregnant, this nutritious substance takes on even greater significance in maintaining life, or two, in this instance. During pregnancy, your food and beverage selections may have long lasting effects.

If possible, a mom to be should try and avoid processed food products. These foods are often high in salt, sugar, chemicals, pesticides, preservatives and other harmful junk. The same goes for genetically modified food, where big food is trying to sell everyone a song and dance about it being as healthy and nutritious as conventional organic food. If this was the case, the industry would have never resisted the surging movement to have GM foods labeled as such.

Of course, unless you have your own personal garden of varied food products, which is highly unlikely in an urban environment, eating natural and organic food can become a rather expensive proposition.  Also, depending on where you reside, the selection and variety of such food may be in limited supply. However, with a bit of information and creativity, eating healthy during pregnancy can be made more affordable.

In the never ending race to grow and sell as much food products as possible as fast as possible, Big Food has played foot loose and fancy with a liberal application of alleged harmful chemicals which have been injected into the food supply. Thankfully, the trend today is toward more wholesome food which excludes unhealthy elements. When even the large fast food start to take notice of healthy seating, the trend is definitely of significance.

A pregnant mom to be must remain vigilant and should resist the inviting urge to indulge in chemically bombarded unhealthy foods. One can argue the purpose of many of these chemical ingredients included in many processed foods is to addict the person consuming them.

The bright side? Once you stop eating that junk, you will stop craving it. If not for your sake, for the sake of baby.  



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