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Myths vs facts of a healthy pregnancy

In below infrographic, find basic facts about pregnancy. step by step from first trimester, second and third trimester.

compare myths and facts about foods to eat while pregnant, what beauty products are safe, etc...

Every thing about having a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy.

Does your BMI have something to do with conception?
Does your BMI have something to do with conception?

Recently, a beloved cousin got pregnant. We were all so excited for her news, but it also scared us that something might happen to her. You see, she has always been an overweight person and this overweight has impacted her life in different ways. Her weight -and having a baby- was going to change her even more. The good news about this, besides the one of the baby, is that my cousin got in control of her BMI and lost weight to stay healthy for her and her baby...Keep Reading...


Seafood might increase the possibility of getting pregnant
Seafood might increase the possibility of getting pregnant

On and on, we have heard about the dangers of eating seafood: “It might be poisonous,” “Nobody knows how to cook it properly,” and “Sushi is super dangerous because it’s raw fish! You shouldn’t eat that.” Truth be told, yes it might be a little dangerous to eat seafood everyday, but the same happens with any other food. So, for starters, we should just stop demonizing seafood because it might be super good for increasing your libido and, surprise, getting you pregnant.

How to plan the perfect baby shower for your best friend

Your best friend is having a baby in less than 2 months. You recently asked her if you could plan her baby shower and she said yes. Now, you have no idea in what kind of situation you got yourself into. Time is running, and you don’t have anything planned out yet. It’s okay, don’t worry. There’s a solution for everything. Planning a baby shower is a stressful situation but it’s not impossible and we’re here to help. We want to give you some baby shower ideas, tips, and hacks so you can nail this.

Baby Steps: Creating a Balanced Diet for Your Little One

Until about 6 months of age, your baby will be only consuming breast milk or formula. After that, you’ll want to slowly start introducing foods. A few months later, it’s important to start building a good base and some good eating habits to create a balanced diet for your little one once weaned.

The best way to do this is to know what constitutes a healthy diet, and then having an arsenal of baby recipe ideas to fall back on. I’ve always held the idea that my baby should be healthier than me! Actually the best diet for you too is to only eat the types of food you would give to your baby.

Fruits, veggies, whole grains, and small portions of meat, poultry, and fish are the main food groups that are required to live a healthy lifestyle, babies included. Here you will find healthy food ideas that are quick and easy.

Drinking Wine While Pregnant
Drinking Wine While Pregnant

Moms who said that they drink a little bit of wine during their pregnancy have been categorized as alcoholics by other parents.

When a woman is pregnant, we all know she should stop drinking alcohol; this is something everybody has in mind. The true fact is that the NHS recommends not to drink at all when pregnant; but experts say the evidence proving light drinking was dangerous is “surprisingly limited”.
So the big issue is to know if drinking one or two glasses of wine during the pregnancy could be dangerous or not! Experts can’t say which quantity is allowed, not to endanger the life of the baby. That’s the reason why they recommend stopping totally drinking alcohol because we are not sure about the consequences.

Pregnancy fitness: 5 ways to keep yourself active while you’re pregnant
Pregnancy fitness: 5 ways to keep yourself active while you’re pregnant

Nothing screams healthy baby more like working out during your pregnancy. Have you seen Sex and the City before? If you have you probably know Charlotte York. She is a strong woman who enjoys running as an exercise. For a long time, Charlotte tries to get pregnant. Having a baby is one of her biggest illusions, but it doesn’t actually happen after many years later. Finally, Charlotte is pregnant. With her pregnancy comes the poignant question of whether she should keep working out, and her doctor says: “Of course!” If you’re expecting a baby you shouldn’t keep yourself from doing the activities that are going to beneficiate you both. Doing exercise is going to keep you healthy! Have in mind that depending on the trimester you’re on, you’ll decide which exercise to do. Here we’re going to offer you a list of the ways you can keep yourself active while you’re pregnant. Let’s start! There’s no time to wait with a pre-natal workout!

What to eat when pregnant?
What to eat when pregnant?

Food: a product which is essential to our survival. It is a subject which few people tire of talking and indulging in. When one becomes pregnant, this nutritious substance takes on even greater significance in maintaining life, or two, in this instance. During pregnancy, your food and beverage selections may have long lasting effects. Read more...