Chilly Bump? How to Stay Warm and Cozy in Winter

The surge of hormones during a pregnancy can leave you feeling freezing cold one-minute, roasting hot the next. The roller coaster makes it difficult to know what to wear.

That’s why dressing in comfortable, stretchy layers is best. You can pile on the layers when you get chilly. Or you can take them off as you heat up.

It’s the perfect way to regulate an ever-changing internal thermostat.

Natural fabrics tend to breath better. Cotton, fleece, or wool are ideal in the cold winter months.


Invest in Quality, Non-Slip Shoes

As your belly grows, the weight added to your front leaves you a bit wobbly on your feet. And when you factor in slick sidewalks, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Don’t go outside without wearing good, quality, non-slip shoes. This can be a pair of boots or sturdy athletic shoes. Just so long as they give you good traction on slippery surfaces.

As a bonus, find a shoe that’s insulated well to help your feet stay warm and toasty.

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