Best Maternity Bras for Pregnancy and Nursing

The breast fluctuates during pregnancy and breastfeeding; it develops a rocky and swollen change which later disappears and becomes soft and smaller as soon as you're done breastfeeding.

Nursing bras are designed to deal with those literal changes that are likely to occur when breastfeeding; they are crafted from durable, stretchy, and comfortable fabric designed to provide easy access to feeding sessions via push-aside or pull-down cups.

They come in different sizes, designs, and styles, so choosing what's best for you depends on personal preference. A maternity/ nursing bra can either take the form of:

Unlined or line

Shaped cups or seamless

Underwire or wireless

There are nursing bras designed for pumping or made to be worn overnight, while some are designed with more rows of hooks attached to the band specifically to accommodate the changes that are likely to occur as you go through postpartum.

Below, we’ve cherry-picked the three best nursing bras that are well-fitted, comfortable, and suitable for pumping or breastfeeding.

Jade Seamless Nursing Bra

-Moderate support

-Seamless, wire freeUltra-light 4 way stretchy fabric

- Shell: 95% Nylon/ 5% Elastane

- Cold water wash - low tumble dry

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Bamboo Yoga Nursing Bra and Tank

-Light support

- Comfort easy fitting


- Breathable seamless comfy stretch fabric

- Seamless wire free design

-Drop down easy nursing access

-Adjustable keyhole back with hook-and-eye-closure

-75% Bamboo Viscose, 20% Polyamide, 5% Elastane

-Cold water wash - low tumble dry

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Maternity & Nursing Activewear

- High support

- Compression

- Moisture wicking

- Ultra-light 4 way stretchy fabric

- Seamless wire free design

- Drop down easy nursing access

- 70% polyamide, 21% polyester, 9% elastane

- Cold water wash - low tumble dry

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1.Bella Active Maternity Nursing Bra -Best Budget Nursing Bra

Whether you are headed around town or out to the gym, Bella Active Maternity Nursing Bra is designed to provide you with enough support and convenience. It comes with a seamless and wire-free design to give a smooth feel with zero discomforts and has dropdown cups and a nursing clip that makes feeding your baby pretty easy.

We recommend this for moms that are out to get bra made with super quality material but comes at an affordable price point. It is made from a soft and cozy fabric that makes nursing pretty easy.

It’s available in various colors; it is crafted to provide enough support for the unstable changes that occur in breast size during pregnancy and nursing. It comes with an extender for maximum adjustability and comfort.

2. Bella Yoga - Maternity Nursing Yoga Bra -Best Overall

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3. Jade - Seamless Maternity And Nursing Bra -Super Versatile

This is a perfect choice for nursing mothers. The bra is made from a blend of 5% spandex and 95% nylon, this comfortable and durable seamless bra is breathable and stretchable compared to the features you get from a natural fiber. It comes with a clip situated underneath the arm for convenient and simple nursing.

It provides unique support that promotes versatility, which means it can be used during exercise. The ribbed band found at the bottom provides essential and effective postpartum support.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Nursing Bras

Good Support

Convenient Nursing Access

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will I know the best size since I'm bound to fluctuate during pregnancy and postpartum?

A. Fluctuation is one of the significant factors considered in the course of design. Most of the materials used are made from stretchy fabric that will accommodate growing bustlines with additional extenders enclosed that is rightly positioned to enhance band length. This means you can easily adjust the bra to a different range based on the size of your breast.

Q. How can I tell if a bra is too big or too small?

A. Comfort should be a topmost priority, but it's also never a bad idea if you measure out the bustline to ensure you're going for the right size.

 if the strap on the bra feels too tight, the center of the bra is not laid flat between the breast or the breast spill out; these are telltale signs that the choice of bra is too small.

 On the flip side, if the bra is not too big, the cups will cave in or have wrinkles, the breast might slip down, the band might ride to the upper part of the back, or the straps might slide off your shoulder.  

 Q. What makes for a comfortable fit besides size?

A. The type of fabric used can influence comfort; to this effect, it is important to consider the type of material and how attractive it looks. Going for a bra with underwire or wire, cups or seamless, lined or unlined are important in comfort.

However, what might rocks my boat, my skin your ship; since the body differs in shape and size, so is our experience; what works for you might not be the best choice for another. Trying different options and styles appears to be the best way to determine what’s suits you best.

Check out Modern Eternity Nursing bra size chart

Q. How many maternity bras will I need?

A. To maintain hygiene, it’s important to wash your maternity bra regularly. This means having more will help reduce the need for laundry. At least three will go a long way, one to spare, one to wash, and one to wear.

Q. When should I buy a maternity bra?

A. Once you notice visible changes in your body and it feels like you’re outgrowing your normal bra, then it’s probably the right time to make a switch. This can happen within the first trimester, although some prefer to wait until it's time to breastfeed before they make the transition. 

Having a supportive and comfortable maternity bra will be of great value, especially as your bustline expands during pregnancy.