Top 3 new baby products - Modern Eternity was selected blogger's choice at Chicago baby show



Although I am out of the baby game, I was thrilled to cover the Chicago Baby Show the other weekend. I always love seeing new products and how companies find a problem and create a solution.

I rounded up my top 3 baby products from the show, although it was tough to pick from the array of innovative and aesthetically pleasing offerings. My criteria? That they solve an annoying issue parents deal with by providing a cost-effective and quality solution.

The Problem: Maternity coats are expensive for a one time use, and are usually pretty hideous/cheap.

The Solution: Modern Eternity 3-in-1 Maternity Coat

Who purchased an unattractive, pricey yet poorly made maternity coat when they were pregnant? *raises hand* This girl. Most of us either borrow one from a friend because we don't want to pay upwards of $100 for a coat we will never use again, or bit the bullet and buy something we don't love knowing it will only be good for a couple of months. I have a shot of me in my regular winter coat on Instagram busting at the seams because I refused to splurge for something I would use for maybe a month until Little Miss Charlotte was born in early December.
When I saw the Modern Eternity 3-in-1 Maternity Coat, I almost hugged the owner right in the booth. This is simply brilliant. The coat is designed to last throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond. The secret? A zip in, zip out panel that adds extra inches but not extra bulk during the bump months. When you have a newborn, the panel flips around and zips down to protect your little love while you have them in a carrier. Night out without the kiddo? Take the panel entirely out and it transforms into a chic winter coat. Here is my video review so you can see it in action: 
maternity coat how it works
Youtube video

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