Seafood might increase the possibility of getting pregnant

On and on, we have heard about the dangers of eating seafood: “It might be poisonous,” “Nobody knows how to cook it properly,” and “Sushi is super dangerous because it’s raw fish! You shouldn’t eat that.” Truth be told, yes it might be a little dangerous to eat seafood everyday, but the same happens with any other food. So, for starters, we should just stop demonizing seafood because it might be super good for increasing your libido and, surprise, getting you pregnant.



According to the New Scientist magazine, a study was made about the a seafood diet and the increase of libido. They explain that “the study tracked the dietary habits of 500 couples who were trying to get pregnant over the course of a year. By the end of the year, 92 per cent of those who ate more than two portions of seafood a week had achieved a pregnancy. Of those consuming less seafood, 79 percent of couples were successful.” This is an incredible result for something that has never been studied before.


Your libido can boost up if you eat some oysters now and then! Everyday Health confirms this information: “The oyster — famous for being Nature’s answer to Viagra — is the food chain’s most concentrated source of zinc, a nutrient that’s crucial for conception. Zinc deficiency can disrupt the menstrual cycle and slow the production of good-quality eggs — neither of which is good for fertility. Not a fan of oysters in any form? Slurping those bivalves is not the only way to get your share of zinc. Find zinc in smaller amounts in other fertility-friendly foods, including beef, poultry, dairy, nuts, eggs, whole grains, and legumes.”



Furthermore, the magazine also published a study made about following a Mediterranean diet and higher possibilities of a successful In Vitro Fecundation. According to them, “Nikos Yiannakouris, at Harokopion University of Athens, and his team analysed the diet of 244 women for the six months before each of them underwent IVF for the first time. They found that those in the group who ate the most Mediterranean diets were around 66 per cent more likely to get pregnant and give birth to a live baby than those in the group whose diets were relatively less Mediterranean.”


This study also encourages men to eat healthy. According to Yiannakouris, ““Previous work from our research group among the male partners of our study has suggested that adherence to the Mediterranean diet may also help improve semen quality.”


And, what does the Mediterranean diet consists of? This diet is about eating considerable amounts of vegetables, fruits, salads, nuts, bean, bread, spices, fish, and extra virgin oil. You must eat small amounts of eggs, cheese, and yogurt. Additionally, every once in awhile you should consume red meat. And forget about sugary drinks and highly processed food.


Still, there are some considerations to be followed. If you and your partner want to have a baby, you must avoid food that have high amounts of mercury such as tuna or wild salmon. Moreover, you should try to reduce the consumption of sushi -in case you both are big sushi fanatics.



Here are other food recommendations from Livestrong. Try to eat food that are filled with:


1.   Arginine: Arginine is an amino acid the body uses to create nitric oxide. In the genitals, nitric oxide is used to expand blood vessels. Too little can limit a male’s ability to get an erection and interfere with a woman’s ability to become aroused. Fish that contain arginine include salmon, cod and halibut.

2.    Zinc: Zinc has been linked to testosterone levels in the blood. Moderate deficiency, according to a 1997 article by Walter Eddy, doctor of Oriental Medicine, can interfere with proper sex gland operation in males and lead to low sperm count. Zinc has also been linked to healthy sexual development early in life. One way to get your recommended daily allowance of zinc, 11 mg for males and 8 mg for females, is by eating fish. Cod contains 0.5 mg of the mineral, Salmon contains 1 mg, sardines contain 3 mg and tuna contains 0.8.


So, long story short. Following a balanced diet can help you to increase your sex life and be more fertile. If you are looking to have a baby, you should follow each of the recommendations given above.


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