Pregnancy fitness: 5 ways to keep yourself active while you’re pregnant

Nothing screams healthy baby more like working out during your pregnancy. Have you seen Sex and the City before? If you have you probably know Charlotte York. She is a strong woman who enjoys running as an exercise. For a long time, Charlotte tries to get pregnant. Having a baby is one of her biggest illusions, but it doesn’t actually happen after many years later. Finally, Charlotte is pregnant. With her pregnancy comes the poignant question of whether she should keep working out, and her doctor says: “Of course!” If you’re expecting a baby you shouldn’t keep yourself from doing the activities that are going to beneficiate you both. Doing exercise is going to keep you healthy! Have in mind that depending on the trimester you’re on, you’ll decide which exercise to do. Here we’re going to offer you a list of the ways you can keep yourself active while you’re pregnant. Let’s start! There’s no time to wait with a pre-natal workout! 

  1. Walk, jog or run: Walking is a great way to keep yourself active! Pregnancy fitness is all about moving your body all around. Experts assure that pregnant women that walk more or even practice jogging, are more likely to feel less back pain and recover their previous body shape after delivering. Besides, walking is a really simple exercise. Try to do it for at least 30 minutes a day and you’ll feel the difference! If walking is too slow of an exercise for you then try jogging and running, but don’t force yourself to the extremes. Remember to plan a route that’s less intense than your usual one, and drink water because you need to keep yourself hydrated. Always wear comfortable clothes for this activity, you can find maternity workout clothes! They’re cute and easy to wear.

  2. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming: As Dory from Finding Nemo used to say. Swimming is a great workout! Before, during and after your pregnancy. The benefits are tremendous because it’s a low impact exercise, which means you’ll recover easily after you do it. The water keeps you from feeling all hot and sweaty, a great advantage if you really dislike being all sticky while working out. Additionally, being in the water keeps you from swelling; this is an exercise your arms and legs would be thankful for. Moreover, swimming keeps your body aligned. This exercise is great for soon-to-be mothers who want to keep their shape. Try it! It won’t let you down. This is a great pre-natal workout.

  3. Try lifting weights: Want to keep your body toned out? Then try exercising with weights. There are a lot of safe activities you can try in every trimester, but don’t lift more than you can handle. Going to extremes won’t help you at all. Always use weights that aren’t too heavy, and keep it slow. Try not to lift weights while you’re lying on your back because all the pressure will go to the main vein of your uterus, and this can interfere with the flowing blood of your baby. Count to three while you’re lifting, and don’t forget to breathe. If you feel any discomfort while doing this exercise, stop immediately.

  4. Namaste. Become a Yoga mom: The old and trustworthy Yoga. You can’t ever fail with Yoga in pregnancy. Yoga is gentle and good for the body of a pregnant woman. Your joints will thank you so much for this! And you’re going to feel so relaxed afterward that nothing will make you mad. Try doing yoga with other pregnant women, you’ll make a lot of new people. Additionally, this is one of the safest exercises in pregnancy.

  5. May I take this dance? Well yes, of course! Dancing makes your heart beat really fast. Blood will flow through your system, and, at some point, you’ll feel your baby is dancing out of joy. This is a fun pre-natal workout! Try learning something you never did before, like salsa. You will be amazed by the new techniques you’re going to learn. Don’t forget to listen to your instructor and your body. Always have in mind that your health is first.

Also, don’t forget you need to trust on a knowledgeable voice on this subject, someone who has followed your pregnancy from day one; ask your obstetrician about this and follow his or her instructions.



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