Natural birth Vs C section

“I just want the best way to get my baby out safely”: stories on natural birth and C-section.

Births are monumental moments in a woman’s life. Deciding which type of birth would you like to have whether it’s a C-section or a natural birth is an important decision. Some of you might be pregnant for the first time and some other probably have several kids, but all of you know the birth of every kid is different.

I know a woman who, by choice, decided to have all of her babies only through natural birth: my mother.  I want to tell her story in this article. Additionally, I want to add the stories of other women who have been through several natural births. I hope to shine a light on the realness of this issue.


Theresa’s story.

My mother decided to have a family when she was really young. Until this day, I am not certain about why she decided to have 4 kids and no C-sections -she won’t disclose this information easily- but I do know about some of the problems she has now due to her decisions: my mother suffers from uterine prolapse. According to Mayo Clinic, uterine prolapse “Uterine prolapse can occur in women of any age. But it often affects postmenopausal women who've had one or more vaginal deliveries.” She needs to take tremendous care of her body now that she suffers from this uterine prolapse. Despite this, she doesn’t regret the decision of having 4 children through natural childbirth. She’s a true champion or what?


Now, let’s discuss other stories. I took these testimonies from What To Expect wonderful forum. I highly recommend you to check it out for other points of view.



This is Jade’s story: “I think most of the responses you will get from this post will be pro-vaginal delivery as it's natural and good for both mom and baby. Most people would deter you from an elective c-section and some hospitals won't even do them. That being said - I had a c-section with my first and it was a good recovery, I felt great, and there were no complications. Ultimately - it's your body, your baby, your choice. Do what you think is best for you.”



This is Amy’s story: “I had a C-Section with my first and it was only because she was breech. Honestly, I would never choose to have a c-section if I didn't have to. It's a major surgery and I would have preferred to have a natural delivery if possible. My recovery wasn't too difficult overall. I made sure to get up and walk the night of my surgery and this was helpful. You have to do what is best for you but I personally would never elect to have a c-section just so I can pick the date my baby is born.”



“It really depends on the person. I'm planning on natural but have no issue with having a section if it's needed for any reason. I just want the best way to get my baby out safely. As pp said, I'm not sure if they will do an elective section on a first-time mother without a medical reason anymore. I know 3 who did but one had a prolapsed umbilical cord, another has a bleeding disorder so they felt that section was the safest way to avoid unexpected bleeding and the third has some kind of problem with her eyes (no idea what that is though, something to do with pressure). Incidentally, all 3 of them had their first child on September 23rd (2 of them were the exact same day, the 3rd was a couple of years earlier)!”



“I had a regular vaginal delivery with my last and labored for 30 straight hours after being induced. My best friend had a C section and said it was an absolute breeze! Her recovery was easier than mine. Planning to delivery vaginally again this go around, but man was I jealous visiting her in the hospital and she was well-rested, refreshed, and looking fabulous after her C section holding her baby!”


Taking these stories into consideration, it’s fair to say that there’s a risk on every procedure (both natural childbirth and C-sections.) The body of the mother, and the conditions of the baby, will determine which is the best type of childbirth should be done. The most safe would be to talk things through with your doctor an ask as many questions as you want.


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