Maternity Moms Face Surging Media Storm

A pregnant woman experiences a multitude of emotions when she first discovers she is expecting. Certainly an exciting period in one's life, this stage in life can also be filled with a level of uncertainty and anxiety. The numerous  mixed messages a mom-to-be is slammed with can often lead to confusion and frustration.

It's no secret we are living in a real time technologically advanced inter-connected world where we are constantly torpedoed with consumer messages. During pregnancy, women are unloaded upon with an endless stream of information pertaining to the health of her and baby. At that rate of disbursement, it is easy for the quality messages to get lost.

So what is a new mommy to do?

First and foremost, the future child-bearer must make it a priority to continue living a healthy lifestyle. A proper diet of natural unprocessed food, acceptable levels of limited physical activity, plenty of rest and an avoidance of high-stress situations, alcohol and unnecessary medication are all no-brainers.

At the risk of over-stating the obvious, a healthy, rested and glowing mom-to-be is more likely to make informed decisions for both her and baby. Clear headed thinking is crucial at a time when big media is target marketing  such a lucrative demographic.

In this day and age, it is easy to fall victim in the consumer game  which is expertly played by the big time marketers. Often, a consumer is coerced into making purchases which are not only superfluous, but may not in any way benefit her and her precious cargo.

An expecting mother is literally a sitting duck for anything from maternity clothing to natural food to other products and even gimmicks which are designed to exploit the weaknesses of one who is in such a distracted and sometimes vulnerable state of mind. Sounds dreary? Well, do not fret and certainly do not panic.

If all else fails, you can let your rapidly developing mother's intuition take over in order to see through all the noise and distraction out there in today's fast paced communications driven environment. Staying level headed and curtailing impulsive instincts during such an emotional time can only work in one's favor.

In other words, do not drink the Kool Aid. Baby is counting on you.   



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