Maternity and Nursing Styling Tips Mommies could Do with- From the Style Guru’s Diaries

Once you deliver successfully, surely among the first thoughts, you will want to return to your old-fashionable clothes. But often, when the journey of breastfeeding begins, mommies find that their previous wardrobe offerings are not very compatible with nursing, 

This makes things more challenging and may add to the frustrations of a tired and hardworking nursing mommy. But straight from the style guru's diaries, we bring you fashion tips that would give any model on the runway a run for her money. 

Let’s learn how to style like a pro, even when nursing your little one. 

Don't Shop for Nursing Bras Before You Deliver

A common mistake many new moms make is buying nursing bras before giving birth. This is often why they end up with poorly fitting tops and dresses, not to mention the discomfort they have to bear. 

You see, soon after your breastfeeding journey begins, your chest size will also change. If you like, you may only buy one or two nursing bras before delivery, so you have something to wear immediately. But wait to invest in the rest till you have delivered, have settled into your nursing pattern, and know your new chest size. 

Moreover, buying only a piece or two in advance will also help you verify the quality and stitching. Tis way, you’d know that you have to return to the brand for more options later. 

Button-Downs are Your Best Friends while Nursing 

The style gurus said it before, and they're repeating it, button-downs are the absolute best choice for nursing mommies. We'll tell you why: for starters, they take some of the frustration away from nursing mommas who're never satisfied with how an outfit fits their post-pregnancy body. 

Here, button-downs create the illusion of a streamlined silhouette, concealing the flabby parts you want to cover while flaunting the parts you wish to show. They're also super comfortable, look feminine and stylish, and pair well with all pants, skirts, and tanks. So if you want to make your breastfeeding moments easy and stylishly on-point, you better shop for sexy button-downs. 

Say No to High Necks when Breastfeeding 

Our style gurus recommend staying away from high necks because they're the last choice breastfeeding mommies would want. Imagine the struggle you will go through each time you want to remove a top to free your breast and begin nursing. 

It will tire you out and frustrate your little one, who might be impatient for their meal. Hence, high necks are a super uncomfortable choice unless you pick something in large or oversized bottoms. This way, you could lift the top from the bottom upwards when nursing times roll by. 

Cross Front Nursing Tanks

We would never have considered the cross-front tank tops for nursing mommies had our style gurus not enlightened us about their benefits. You see, cross-front tanks are easier than hooks and snaps and are a lot easier when you have to free a breast to feed. 

Having a few cross-front nursing tank tops in your closet will make layering under your clothes. So fashion without compromising your comfort is a winning formula for your breastfeeding journey. And that's what you can expect from your cross-front tees, tops, dresses, and dusters.

Choose Free- Size Silhouettes

When choosing outfits for your evenings out during breastfeeding, you'd do good not to choose dresses that are too tight. Fitted tops and dresses will feel highly uncomfortable on the breasts, which will be highly sensitive for most of your nursing journey. 

You could always customize it if you think you won't find all the qualities you need in a nursing dress. Or else, you can always find a range of maxi dresses with billowing and a-line silhouettes that provide a loose fit. However, they're exquisite, chic, and an excellent choice for fancier occasions. 


Another good tip from the style guru’s diaries is to choose more of your nursing clothes with a v-neck. These make it easier to uncover the breasts for nursing sessions, and the baby would find it easy to latch on too. 

If you have to style your breastfeeding outfits for the winter, you could always add scarves with your v-neck outfits to cover against the cold. 

Final Thoughts 

Breastfeeding is a poignant journey in a woman's life but also one where her body undergoes significant changes. To make your fashion moments possible, easy, and doable, these styling tips will be of great help. 

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