Is it safe to have sex during my pregnancy?

My partner and I have always been sexual individuals. We still are and, I am not going to lie to you, this is a perk that brought us together. When we got married and decided to have kids our sex was even more carefree than before, but everything changed once I got pregnant. Each one had a fear of doing something wrong and hurting the baby. Let’s admit it right away: he was more scared than me. Does this experience ring a bell to you?


Sex during pregnancy can be confusing when we don’t know anything about it. I started a research to understand the risk of having intercourse while I was pregnant. Surprise, surprise: there aren’t mortal risks with having sex while you’re expecting! But, you do need to follow some advice to feel more reassured and calm. In this article, I am going to explain to you why is entirely reasonable to have sex while being pregnant and some positions you can try depending on the trimester you’re in right now. Let’s talk about sex, baby, let’s talk about you and me.



When not to have sex?


You shouldn’t have sex with your partner if:


  1.    Your doctor has recommended you not to.
  2.    You have noticed unexpected bleeding, and you have a history of premature labor.
  3.    You have a condition called placenta previa.
  4.    Your water has broken (Well, obviously! It’s more important to have your baby than to think about sex.)


By now, you might have noticed that your sex drive has increased potentially. This increase is entirely reasonable; hormones make us feel like this. Furthermore, your genitalia has probably enlarged due to the constant blood flow in this part of your body. You are feeling great, sexy and super secure about your body, and your partner desires you even more than before. By all means, take the chance mother nature is giving to you. You and your partner should indulge yourself in some great sex-time by trying to do these positions.


Best positions according to the trimester.


First trimester:


According to Dr. Streicher: Anything goes during the first trimester. During the first trimester of your pregnancy, every position is possible and admissible. Anything from missionary, doggy style, and even spooning. Try with many sex toys as you want but always remember to clean them properly once you are done. I just loved the first trimester of pregnancy because you’re feeling sexier and more powerful than ever. Your partner is going to notice this too! Want to know something fundamental? The possibility of miscarriages while having sex during the first trimester is minus zero. Dr. Streicher assures: When you look at the data on miscarriage, or early pregnancy loss, there doesn't seem to be any connection.”


Second trimester:


By now, your belly is slightly bigger than before; this means positions like missionary are a no-no unless your partner doesn’t hold your weight over you and you use a pillow under your left hip to prevent causing pressure on your aorta vein. Nonetheless, missionary is not the only sex position in the world! There are many and many more you can try such as doggy style, reverse spooning and sitting on top your partner. Moreover, try the positions that put you in charge! This is one of the best moments to try different things and be playful. My husband loved this change of plans from the first trimester so much! We had so much fun


Third trimester:


During this trimester, you and your partner must be more careful since the baby is about to pop-out of your belly. According to Parents Magazine: “Ultimately, the ideal pose places no pressure on your belly and lets you control the depth of penetration. Some sex positions you may find most comfortable at this stage include spooning, or side entry, a woman on top, rear entry, seated on the edge of a bed or chair.” You probably can tell that missionary might be a mission impossible during this trimester, so try other positions instead. It has been said that some pregnant women don’t enjoy the feeling of deep penetration; consider this too.


What about oral sex?


Oral sex has the green light too as long as your partner doesn’t have any mouth herpes since it has been proved this STD can be transmitted to the baby. If your partner suffers from this, try to use a dental dam when he or she is giving you oral sex.


Another essential thing to take into consideration when having oral sex is telling your partner not to blow you. According to Parents Magazine: “in very rare cases it could cause a dangerous embolism (when a burst of air blocks a blood vessel).” Personally, I haven’t heard about couples that do this, but we’re just giving you this valuable advice we have listened to many, many times.


I can say to you, with all certainty, that having sex during pregnancy is safe and amazing. Reassure your partner and enjoy a beautiful time in your lives.



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