How to plan the perfect baby shower for your best friend

Your best friend is having a baby in less than 2 months. You recently asked her if you could plan her baby shower and she said yes. Now, you have no idea in what kind of situation you got yourself into. Time is running, and you don’t have anything planned out yet. It’s okay, don’t worry. There’s a solution for everything. Planning a baby shower is a stressful situation but it’s not impossible and we’re here to help. We want to give you some baby shower ideas, tips, and hacks so you can nail this.


What type of baby shower ideas can you use?

There are many ideas for baby showers. You can to a thematic party and even a barbecue. It all depends on the preferences the mom to be has. Still, some of our better ideas include throwing a party with all her girlfriends. A brunch is a classic idea and it always works out pretty well. Think about taking them to a place where they serve great coffee or desserts. Furthermore, pretty cocktails can be a guest out this party too –except for the new mom, she’ll have time for this later.

If you’re still interested in the brunch idea, look for a venue that allows you to decorate it. The baby shower should a style of its own. Try picking decorations such as flowers and balloons. A great idea is using photos of your best friend to decorate the place. Then pick your best friend’s favorite playlist and blast the music throughout the party. Make this occasion about your best friend, she needs to feel celebrated in the best way possible.

Let’s just say the mom to be doesn’t enjoy brunches. She likes spending time with her girlfriend and boyfriends. Additionally, she wants her husband in the party. Why don’t you try something more gender neutral? Plan the reunion in a bigger venue, create a menu with diverse types of food, have cocktails but also beer. Have everything for guys and girls feel comfortable! In these type of parties, the decoration doesn’t have to be extremely planned out. Think about renting tables, chairs, cushions, and pieces of furniture for the guest to sit.

We really enjoy the idea of these baby showers because they feel more diverse and fun. The games and the environment aren’t completely female oriented. And if your best friend feels like she’ll enjoy it then, by all means, do it.

How do you get ready for a baby shower?

Here’s where it gets tricky. Planning a baby shower can take at least a month of your time. You must do the baby shower at least two months before the baby arrives. We’re going to offer you some steps for achieving this project.


  • Set a budget: Determine how much you’re going to spend on preparing the baby shower. Additionally, you should see if somebody is going to help you cover these expenses.
  • Set the date: Pick a day that’s most convenient to your best friend. Furthermore, ask her what day works better for her family, especially if they live far away from her.
  • Pick a place: You have to pick a place depending on the idea you have. If is a restaurant, reserve it with enough time at hand. If you’re planning to use a friend’s house, ask her as soon as you have the idea.
  • Do the guest list: This is really important too. Do the list with the possible guests that might arrive and ask your best friend what she thinks of it.
  • Send out to the invitations: Once the list is approved, send out the invitations to the people who are on the guest list. Decorate the baby shower invitations according to the theme of the party.
  • Plan a menu: Food is necessary for every baby shower. You should plan the menu at least one month before the baby shower day. If you’re doing the party on a restaurant, talk to them about the possible menu they can offer. If you’re doing the food (and way to go if you also want to do this!) plan shopping for the ingredients you need at least one week before the baby shower.
  • Think about games: Games are essential in baby showers. Some of the most popular are Guess the Baby Name, Dirty Diapers, Drink Up, Baby, and Don’t Say Baby.
  • Create goodie bags: This is a cute idea for thanking the guests! Plan out goodie bags with the prices of the games that were played.
  • Look for a photographer: Everybody will want photos from that day. Hire a good photographer for this special occasion.

And enjoy this celebration! It’s not every single day that your best friend blesses you with bringing a baby into the world. Follow these pieces of advice and you’ll be ready to graduate as a baby shower expert.




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