Five Fun Usages For Your Maternity Raincoat

If you think a maternity raincoat is only good for staying dry while navigating the rainy spring weather, well think again. In fact, I will wager that many of you did not even know that maternity raincoats for pregnant women even existed. Well, they not only exist, but they can be used for things that you would have never even dreamed of. So, without further ado, here are five ways to get the most out of your maternity raincoat.


  1. Singing In the Rain - Why should Hollywood stars like Gene Kelly have all the fun during rainy and dismal weather? With your brand new waterproof maternity raincoat, now you too can thoroughly enjoy a torrential rainstorm by breaking out in song, and all the while, remaining relatively dry. Who knows? You may even become the next internet sensation, go viral and catch your big break.


  1. Splashing Through Puddles - Remember when you were a child about knee high and spent a great deal of time during rainy days looking at your reflection in rain puddles and then splashing through them. And then you grew up, did a complete 180, and decided to steer clear of those same puddles. With your maternity raincoat, you can relive those memorable days of your youth. And who could have imagined that a maternity raincoat can be used for keeping you young at heart?


  1. Going Over a Barrel at Niagara Falls - Okay, this one may be a little extreme, but who hasn’t had the urge to satisfy that inner daredevil lurking deep inside? Even in the best of scenarios, going over the falls at Niagara is certain to be a wet proposition. Therefore, what better way to stay dry than to make sure you are wearing your maternity raincoat while taking the steep plunge down? Nothing like living life to the fullest.


  1. Awaiting Rescue While Being Lost At Sea - Have you ever been in a shipwreck, having to evacuate to a lifeboat and then wait to be rescued by a search party? Now, with your bright pink maternity raincoat, you can stay dry and, at the same time, be clearly visible to even the blindest rescue party out at sea. If for some reason you do not wish to be rescued, you can always opt for the navy colored maternity raincoat, which blends in perfectly with the deep blue sea. With your new maternity raincoat, you will never look at surviving a shipwreck the same way again.


  1. Go Fly Fishing in Montana - Admit it; at one time or another we have all had a secret hidden fantasy of braving the rapid river currents while fly fishing in Montana. The problem has always been what to wear with those ultra sexy foot waders which have been brought to prominence by fly fishermen and fisherwomen alike. The khaki green maternity raincoat does not only help to keep you dry in such a wet environment, the color goes perfectly with your waders and the surrounding green environment.




So there you have it: five fun and adventurous things you can do with your maternity raincoat. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to send them along.


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