Essential Pieces of Clothes You Must Have for Your Third Trimester

Trimesters are always difficult! College trimesters finals are terrifying, am I right? But thank God I left that stage behind. I am here to talk about the third trimester of pregnancy.


When I was pregnant with my first child, I felt there wasn’t a lot of clothes for me to feel pretty. It really made me feel like I wasn’t going to be able to wear cute clothes until I had my son out of my body, but It wasn’t until I searched a couple of mommy blogs that I realized there are actual ways to dress beautiful and still be comfortable during the third trimester of pregnancy. I was so thrilled that I started to follow these advices right away! 


When I had my second baby I didn’t even think twice about following these advices once again but also applying some tips and recommendations I had learn myself.


  1. Maxi Dress-Yourself: Maxi dresses are so natural! Just toss it over and voilá, you're ready! Match a tunic in a comfortable weave texture over maternity jeans. You'll feel comfortable and trendy. Maternity Maxi Dresses are a form gift from heaven for third trimester mums-to-be. A beautiful maxi dress will compliment your body and prolong your legs, giving the ideal adjust to your blooming belly. 

  2. Accessorize!: Match your accessories to your belly!  Include a scarf that has an intense, crazy, and fun look. Try not to be reluctant to add a little show to your look – have a ton of fun dressing around your tummy! Moreover, try wearing a brilliant stout neckband and coordinating earrings. I promise you will look fantastic!
  3. A Pair of Shoes a Day, Keeps the Bad Vibes Away: Give your closet a lift with something you can wear later and that will punch up any outfit you're as of now tired of: shoes! You'll slip in and venture out in style and solace. Furthermore, no bands or clasps mean no twisting around your prospering midsection. Search for a couple in an awesome animal print or striking shading to snap you out of your closet hardships. 

  4. Power Up and Try the Empire Waist: I followed this superb advice by the Seraphine Blog: “The empire waist is a miracle silhouette for the third trimester. Cinching you in at your slimmest point just above the bump, an empire style brings great definition to your shape.”

  5. Maternity Jeans are Your New Best Friends: I believe it's critical to put resources into one great combine of maternity pants amid your pregnancy. I'm infatuated with this combine, and have worn them all through my whole pregnancy. I adore that they don't look like maternity pants, and that they are upset. 

  6. Maternity Leggings Are Super Cool Too: Leggins are basic piece! What about if you pair them up with a nice cardigan? I have always cherished this maternity moto. 

  7. Indulge Yourself with Some Maternity Tops: I haven't been crazy about maternity tops. Generally in light of the fact that I can't discover the styles that I like. I've discovered that I can normally simply scrutinize in tee shirts and pullovers everything still looks alright. Obviously, there have been those few times that surveying makes the sleeves colossal or a sweater doesn't look right. I do get a kick out of the chance to purchase essential maternity best, that can be styled basically in any case. Here are my most loved essentials 

There you have it! Those were some maternity fashion tips I applied that I am pretty sure you would love too. The most important thing you must take into consideration is that you have to have fun! This is an important part of your life and you should be enjoying yourself as much as you can.




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