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Five Fun Usages For Your Maternity Raincoat
Five Fun Usages For Your Maternity Raincoat

If you think a maternity raincoat is only good for staying dry while navigating the rainy spring weather, well think again. In fact, I will wager that many of you did not even know that maternity raincoats for pregnant women even existed. Well, they not only exist, but they can be used for things that you would have never even dreamed of. So, without further ado, here are five ways to get the most out of your maternity raincoat.


Pregnancy Fashion : My new wardrobe during my First Trimester
Pregnancy Fashion : My new wardrobe during my First Trimester

Though your face may be glowing after you find out your pregnant, your body probably won’t be. Your first trimester is a very exciting time but it also comes with some uncomfortable discoveries about being pregnant (morning sickness we’re talking about you!). This includes coming to the realization that your body, not just your life, is about to change drastically.

Though everyone starts showing at different times- I didn’t actually start showing until about 5 months along-, rest assured that first trimester pregnancy fashion gives you a ton of options. There’s no need to wear ugly and expensive maternity clothes. You can start your pregnancy right by being in style with these first trimester style tips: Read more...

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Create your own maternity style - Simple Maternity fashion tips

So, you’re pregnant. And congratulations! Not only because you’re having a baby, also because you get to re-do your whole closet again. Here goes for 9 months of pure delight buying new garments. You don’t have to lose style only because you’re pregnant, many pregnant women keep their flawless wardrobe or even upgraded it once they have a baby in the belly.

Maternity style is not boring and it’s definitively not unsexy. If you don’t believe us check out the beautiful Chiara Ferragni or follow the trends of Chrissy Teigen when she was pregnant. Hello, Beyoncé anyone? Do we remember pregnant Beyoncé? They all have maintained their style on their pregnancy and we’re going to show you can do the same if you follow these maternity style pieces of advice.

Why are maternity coats essential to wear in cold seasons?

Winter is coming! The coldness will be inevitable during this season of the year. Before your pregnancy, you only thought about how to keep yourself warm, but now you have to think for two. It’s important to guard your baby bump from cold temperatures. Getting sick while having a baby can be a tremendous pain. Imagine having to bear with the hormonal changes and also having a cold or the flu. Still, getting sick while you’re pregnant is more common than you think because your immune system doesn’t work the same. You can take preventions for avoiding it. The best way to stay healthy is by keeping yourself in the safest climate conditions during your pregnancy. Trying to avoid really low temperatures is a great choice, but if you live in a place when the winter can be hard on your body, it’s important to wear the proper garments. Have you heard about the 3-in-1 coat? You won’t believe how functional it is.

All You need to know about 3 in 1 Maternity Coats and Jackets
All You need to know about 3 in 1 Maternity Coats and Jackets

The great thing about winter, besides being cozy under a blanket and drinking hot coffee, of course, is knowing you’ll have to purchase a good coat or jacket. When you think about purchasing one of these products you have to consider its durability. You shouldn’t buy a jacket or a coat that only lasts through one winter. No, no, no! Think long term. If you have this into consideration you’ll be able to save a lot of money. I know you’re probably thinking: “Why should I buy a maternity jacket if I only plan to have one baby?” That’s a reasonable question, and we have a surprising answer: Our maternity jackets and coats can be worn even after pregnancy. For a reasonable price, you’ll buy a product that will last a lifetime. In Modern Eternity we offer a vast list of possibilities for covering your glorious body from the rain or a cold winter.

The Best Maternity Coat You Could Buy
The Best Maternity Coat You Could Buy

One of the struggles of being pregnant is buying maternity clothes. It can be difficult to find clothes that will fit right throughout your pregnancy, or they can be uncomfortable sometimes. It can also be difficult to find use for them after your baby is born. Thankfully, Modern Eternity has created a 3-in-1 maternity coat that you can use for years.

What is a 3 in 1 Maternity Coat?

This 3 in 1 maternity jacket allows you to wear it from the time you're pregnant, to after your baby is born. The third part of this coat is that it has an insert that allows you to place a baby carrier into the jacket, allowing you to wear your baby, even in the colder weather. The first step, which is baby in, is when you are pregnant. These jackets have maternity panel technology, which allows you to still fit in the jacket, even with a growing baby bump.

Maternity Raincoat For Gloomy Spring Weather

April showers bring May flowers: this is a rather optimistic take on the often inclement and dreary spring weather. However, the truth of the matter is spring weather also brings damp, humid and cool windy days which are not exactly ideal for one's health and well-being. Of course, this concern is compounded when one is pregnant and has to take into account the safety and health of an unborn child.

Babywearing is the new trend!
Babywearing is the new trend!

Is Babywearing Wearing Out Its Welcome?

If you are not up to date on the latest parental trends for one reason or another, you are not alone. One such trend which has been around for several years now is babywearing. Simply put, babywearing is using a specialized sling or other device to carry your baby close to your body. It is usually done when one is out and about. Read more...

Oops!! Here is the baby bump Kristen Dunst confirms pregnancy
Oops!! Here is the baby bump  Kristen Dunst confirms pregnancy

After more than a month of speculation, Kristen Dunst officially announced her pregnancy

Kirsten is expecting her first child with her fiance of one year, Jesse Plemons, 29. The actress and her fiancé Jesse Plemons are expecting their first child.

Looking very sylish in Fall 2018 Rodarte lookbook.




Top 3 new baby products - Modern Eternity was selected blogger's choice at Chicago baby show
Top 3 new baby products - Modern Eternity was selected blogger's choice at Chicago baby show

Although I am out of the baby game, I was thrilled to cover the Chicago Baby Show the other weekend. I always love seeing new products and how companies find a problem and create a solution.

I rounded up my top 3 baby products from the show, although it was tough to pick from the array of innovative and aesthetically pleasing offerings. My criteria? That they solve an annoying issue parents deal with by providing a cost-effective and quality solution.