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Blog posts of '2018' 'March'

Maternity Raincoat For Gloomy Spring Weather
Maternity Raincoat For Gloomy Spring Weather

April showers bring May flowers: this is a rather optimistic take on the often inclement and dreary spring weather. However, the truth of the matter is spring weather also brings damp, humid and cool windy days which are not exactly ideal for one's health and well-being. Of course, this concern is compounded when one is pregnant and has to take into account the safety and health of an unborn child.

Pregnancy fitness: 5 ways to keep yourself active while you’re pregnant

Nothing screams healthy baby more like working out during your pregnancy. Have you seen Sex and the City before? If you have you probably know Charlotte York. She is a strong woman who enjoys running as an exercise. For a long time, Charlotte tries to get pregnant. Having a baby is one of her biggest illusions, but it doesn’t actually happen after many years later. Finally, Charlotte is pregnant. With her pregnancy comes the poignant question of whether she should keep working out, and her doctor says: “Of course!” If you’re expecting a baby you shouldn’t keep yourself from doing the activities that are going to beneficiate you both. Doing exercise is going to keep you healthy! Have in mind that depending on the trimester you’re on, you’ll decide which exercise to do. Here we’re going to offer you a list of the ways you can keep yourself active while you’re pregnant. Let’s start! There’s no time to wait with a pre-natal workout!

Maternity Moms Face Surging Media Storm
Maternity Moms Face Surging Media Storm

A pregnant woman experiences a multitude of emotions when she first discovers she is expecting. Certainly an exciting period in one's life, this stage in life can also be filled with a level of uncertainty and anxiety. The numerous  mixed messages a mom-to-be is slammed with can often lead to confusion and frustration.

It's no secret we are living in a real time technologically advanced inter-connected world where we are constantly torpedoed with consumer messages. During pregnancy, women are unloaded upon with an  endless stream of information pertaining to the health of her and baby. At that rate of disbursement, it is easy for the quality messages to get lost. 

Nothing to be afraid of: breastfeeding is great for you and your baby!

It’s not a secret that many mothers-to-be fear breastfeeding. Many have heard stories about sore breasts and the baby nor being able to latch. We all have read and watched every imaginable story about breastfeeding, and of course, we’re scared! Where are the good parts of feeding our babies in a natural way?

Yes, breastfeeding, just like any satisfying experience, can be scary, and this is especially true when you’re a first-time mom. But ladies, there’s nothing to be afraid of because breastfeeding has many benefits for your baby, and for you! Just like you heard, there’s more about breastfeeding than just pumping milk out of your breast.

What to wear when pregnant! The Do’s and Don’ts of maternity clothes
What to wear when pregnant! The Do’s and Don’ts of maternity clothes

Having a baby is a miracle. Undoubtedly there are many beautiful experiences that come with pregnancy. What to know one of the best things about it? You get to renew your wardrobe! And even get a new style. You need to have into consideration that maternity clothes are the best option while pregnant with your child because these garments are specially designed to fit your body and not harm it. Using maternity clothes is not a synonym for being badly dressed –trust me on this. There are many brands that offer you stylish solutions- Clinging to your all clothes can be a good solution, at least for the five months of pregnancy, but after these weeks pass you need to have other options. Don’t be afraid of creating your own pregnancy style and follow these Do’s and Don’ts tips, read more...