Not so long ago, maternity garments were bulky, uncomfortable and not terribly fashion conscious. Due to innovative design and numerous technological advances, pregnancy clothes have transformed and evolved into something quite special. Modern Eternity is at the forefront of this evolution, as the design team strives to make multi-purpose garments which are functional, practical and fashionably forward.

Based in Montreal, Modern Eternity’s outerwear line was conceived from a burning desire to manufacture the ideal coat for a city which has some of the coldest winter temperatures. The company’s varied line of maternity coats features the advanced 3-in-1 maternity technology, which permits you to continue using the garment in a functional way, even after your pregnancy.

In addition to offering unparalleled functionality, our maternity garment line is intuitively designed to adopt to the ever changing figure of a mom to be, while remaining stylish. Depending on your needs, we incorporate multiple high quality materials and various modern and classic styles.

Modern Eternity’s primary mission is to transform and update maternity wear from the drab and uncomfortable to more of a modern and chic look. In addition to making you look good, we have made sure to add multi-purpose functionality to the maternity garments.

Therefore, in a nutshell, one can say today’s maternity garments are nothing like your grandmother’s or even mother’s maternity clothing. Fueled by a deep-rooted passion for the women who give life, Modern Eternity is at the forefront of helping to keep mommy and baby safe, warm and comfortable during pregnancy and after birth.